Cancer man dating a sagittarius woman

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Cancer man dating a sagittarius woman

Cancer-Sagittarius Compatibility Sagittarius are simple, straightforward and intelligent people. Sagittarius are blunt and don't understand Cancerian's emotional feelings.

They will provide a Cancerian with comfort and pleasure via their good sense of humour and friendliness but will be unable to understand a Cancerian's mood swings.

A Sagittarian is also fond of wandering which is just opposite to a Cancerian's desire of staying back at home.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man This love match has great chances of making a happy-couple, but, for that to happen, both the individuals need to make the right efforts.

It must be interesting to have a couple from two opposite signs, Sagittarius (fire element) and cancer (water element) their relationship can be quite lovely and full of action.

This article will be talking about the compatibility of the Sagittarius woman with the Cancer man and how they would treat each other along with their bad and good qualities. Their love can be infinite and pure because they would both appreciate each other and just try to stay happy in every step that they both do.

Her qualities in general: The Sagittarius woman is very attractive, she has the perfect features that a woman can possibly have, she has a big wide soft and warm heart,she appreciates the good and sweet memories spent with the ones that she loves and she's a very sociable person, she loves going out, hanging out with friends, she values freedom and likes to feel free the while time, she doesn't like getting controlled by a man but she tends to control her man most of the times and that's sad because she doesn't like this to be done to her and yet she actually does it to others but she would still have that golden heart, her bad side sometimes is that she does many mistakes to the people that she loves without being conscious about it but then and after realizing how the situations would get bad she will regret this t so fast then try to apologize and make things better,however,that would kind of too late because she would have already hurt the ones that she loves.

She might spend hours checking out herself in the mirror because she simply loves to take care of her beauty and you would never see her getting sick or bored from doing that, this is one of her priorities, she also have a very good and beautiful sense of fashion!

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When she finds love with a committed partner, she will be a dedicated lover and friend.

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