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You are saying, in effect, "Here I am, completely unpretentious, with all my physical imperfections on view.Accept me for what I am, and I will accept you as you are.

Nudist ist, wer gerne mit anderen ohne Kleidung rumluft, schwimmt, Sport treibt usw.

As well, not all nude people at a free beach or club espouse the naturist/nudist philosophy. Some may want to be out of this shell because they like being naked, others because of what the shell stands for and what it physically does to them.

Clothing as a repressive tool is not a foreign concept. If we look into the dictionary, we find out, that nudism is: "a movement of nudity promotion and its practicing".

Recientemente ha decidido reinventarse de nuevo y se ha pasado al maratón donde está a muy poco de conseguir una marca suficiente para entrar en el campeonato de España.

Todo esto sin ayuda económica de ninguna institución, ni siquiera de la Junta de su Andalucía natal.

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