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Itemupdating read only field

JSLint is a great tool for catching things like a missing radix and many other things that can cause obscure and hard to debug errors.It forces you to use better coding standards so you avoid future headaches. @Em Kay This shouldn't be as big of an issue now as ES5 is fairly standard in most browsers and it forbids the octal interpretation BUT some browsers might still be using the old octal interpretation for backwards compatibility reasons, so I would keep using a radix for the foreseeable date1 = new Date(2016,9,20,12,0,0); // October 20, 2016 var date2 = new Date(2016,9,20,12,1,0); // October 20, 2016 // Comparison including time.This post will cover a robust method of deploying Share Point 2010 managed metadata columns in a way that avoids common errors and enables the columns to automatically show up in the search refinement panel.To recap on the previous post we are aiming to avoid the following problems when creating Share Point 2010 taxonomy fields through features: We found the first problem was due to a missing note field when creating a list definition that used the site column.

Share Point as most us know, has built in workflow capabilities.

The default behavior of Share Point is to redirect the user to the url defined by the // Will abort the thread _current Context.

For example, if Field Read Only Field: Sales Rep has a value of Calculated Primary Flag, then the Sales Rep field is set to read-only when Calculated Primary Flag is TRUE.

BTW, when I display the two dates in an alert, they show as exactly the same.

My code: will be set with hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds to zero, but date1 will have them set to the time that date1 was created.

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The Siebel application checks the Abstract field to determine if it is read-only; if it is read-only, then the entire Service Request business component becomes read-only.

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