Nrc updating plant safety requirements

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Not only did the commissioners mislead the Senate, they withheld this information from the public for two years. Nuclear plant owners are required by law to include complete and accurate information in all documents they submit to the NRC.Yet each year, NRC staffers find themselves sending thousands of Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) to plant owners in connection with applications for licensing actions.If it gets hit by a tsunami...." It turns out that the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has calculated the odds of an earthquake causing catastrophic failure to a nuclear plant here. Each year, at the typical nuclear reactor in the U. Under that scenario, "after 24 hours, the plant would not achieve a 'safe and stable' condition and reactor core would be damaged, unless emergency recovery action succeeded," according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission notice of violation against the St. Walls of water sweeping through the plant on Japan's east coast wiped out first- and second-line systems for bringing reactors to a safe shutdown, leading to an explosion of leaking hydrogen gas and three reactor meltdowns.Following the Fukushima crisis, the NRC directed U. nuclear plant operators to make "walkdown" plant inspections to check for flooding vulnerabilities.The availability of ac power to commercial nuclear power plants is essential for safe operations and accident recovery.

An NRC rule allows licensees to apply for extensions of up to 20 years after the initial 40-year term.

FPL hired a contractor for the task, and following its inspection, assured the commission that Unit 1 was protected, the NRC said.

The walkdown inspection did not detect the missing seals in electrical conduits that were installed through the auxiliary building wall more than 30 years ago and are now significantly degraded, the NRC found.

Several companies have expressed interest in seeking second license renewals.

Each nuclear power plant is licensed based on a given set of requirements, depending primarily on the type of plant.

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Every year nuclear plant owners must replace or refurbish component parts to prevent aging degradation from affecting reliability and safety.

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