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Don’t get me wrong – your relationship is very important. And so is the life you’d so carefully built up before you began your relationship.

Don’t be tempted to start putting yourself and your stuff – your goals, interests and friends – in second place when you’re in a relationship, because it won’t get the results you long for.

You should not allow your partner to touch you if you’ve not passed through the other four stage of the low risk strategies of relationship that wouldn’t hurt you.

Remember the rule: Never go higher in one category than you have gone in the category before it.

It is important you know the person at least for what he/she really want, likes, and stuff like that. Trust: After knowing the person to your satisfaction, you can go ahead and trust him or her. Sometimes, though, these relationships can be unhealthy.Unhealthy relationships can cause someone to get hurt physically or emotionally.(1) (2) (3) (4) I wonder why I keep putting off the sequel to the piece “LOVE WAN TITI” despite my readers craving to see the conclusion.Well to tell the truth, I have not been sleeping well so I have lost all effort to write.

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Starting out a relationship with someone you’ve never met before can be somewhat overwhelm considering the fact that it is a total foreign body from what you use to see around you.

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