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Updating intel matrix storage manager

Re-enabling it works fortunately well, so not an issue.A good thing to do is yet to rollback the driver from the Device Manager (Storage Controllers/Intel(R) *** SATA RAID Controller/Properties/Driver/Roll Back Driver) to put the registry records back to the correct state.

Problem is, there are different versions of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager for each manufacturer — so it isn’t always possible to simply download the latest version directly from Intel and install it.When it is a Card item, they sometimes have jumpers or different firmware or firmware changes that can turn the rom itself on or off.I dont know what exactally the situation here is list of possibles If it was based only on a option card, and the card is not there, not working or seated improperly or has jumpers to disable it OR its rom.To make administration from the command window easier, from the remote workstation I copied the files in the \Intel Util\AHCI_Intel_10.0.0.1046_W7x64\RAIDCFG32 directory up to the top level \Intel Util directory.You will probably want to open the Raid Cfg32file on the remote workstation for easier reading of the help on command switches.

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Wrong command, it isnt I (rarely they move a key because of a conflict) , read the manuel Hi, so I spoke with Dell regarding this and yes, a BIOS setting enables the RAID hardware, enabling the Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM.