Updating sql database from a listbox

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Updating sql database from a listbox

Database, sql As String, r Count As Integer Set dbs = Current Db If recid. Records Affected If r Count 0 Then Msg Box "Contact has been deleted" 'update listbox con Info. Caption = "" Then Msg Box "Please select a contact to delete." Else sql = "DELETE * FROM contact WHERE cid=" & recid. The previous two installments dealt with how to view data with unbound forms and how to add records to a table using unbound forms. In this final installment dealing with unbound forms, we are going to look at how to edit or change and delete a record. Object, it's To String method is being called which results in the string "System. Execute Non Query() Next For Each item As String In List Box1. Items which is an Object Collection and as this inherits from System. The code then stops executing: If the user has selected a contact to delete then the code defines a SQL statement that includes the ID of the contact (stored in the recid label of the form): 'update listbox con Info.

Here’s the code that is responsible for implementing this algorithm: Private Sub btndelete_Click() Dim dbs As DAO.

I have a form with a combobox, a listbox and 2 command buttons.(see photo and neglect the blank listview) I select items from the combobox and add items to my listbox after clicking the button.(no problem with this) Then, I need to save each item of the List View to my database.

There can be more than one item in the Listbox,depending on how many were added by the user.

I was thinking of a way to loop through the items and add each one, and stop adding when all have been saved to a database.

Clear() sql Save Add = "INSERT INTO lab_req ( @req_test)" cmd.

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I am trying to build a sql query which will run a stored procedure.

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